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Are you frequently encountering persistent digestive discomfort, bloating, diminished energy levels, or grappling with the elusive origins of a chronic condition? Your gut health might be the underlying culprit, and it's time to address the issue.

Constantly battling gut issues or any chronic condition can be frustrating and can impact your quality of life. At The Gut Guy, we specialise in personalised, targeted and next-generation gut health restoration treatments. Our team of experienced professionals are here to guide you on a path towards better digestive wellbeing by analysing the root cause of your symptoms. 

Comprehensive gut health testing

Comprehensive Gut Health Testing

Discover the power of a simple, non-invasive, cost-effective at home test that not only reveals how your gut health is impacting your current medical condition but also identifies a possible root cause.

Weight loss reduction strategies for gut health

Weight Reduction Strategies


Medical alternatives to gut health problems

Medically-Backed Solutions

Did you know that up to 95% of health concerns and chronic conditions are intricately tied to the state of your gut health? Our specialist employs next-generation gut health solutions to target the underlying root causes.

Foundations of knowledge about gut health

Foundations of Knowledge

Targeted supplemntal guidance for gut health

Targeted Probiotic Guidance 

Don't let your money go to waste on probiotics you may not need, or worse, those that offer no benefit. Opt for precision and choose probiotics tailored to your unique needs, informed by your personalised gut health test

Addictive gut friendlt recipes for gut health

Addictive Gut Friendly Recipes

Together, we'll explore my personal gut health journey of how I lost 40 kilos in 4 months using the latest and most effective weight reduction strategies and next-generation gut health solutions. 

You'll gain comprehensive knowledge about gut health, nutrition and the potential pitfalls of seemingly "healthy" products.

Satisfy your taste buds and nurture your gut simultaneously with our delicious, gut-friendly recipes

I contacted Joshua for my eczema a few months ago. After my whole life being run by my eczema, bills for prescription steroids and dermatologists I no longer need it. I joined the program, followed his advice and I am now eczema free! Josh was great, coaching me the whole way through and giving me the encouragement I needed. Thank you!

Latasha Harry,

Google review screenshot for my gut health business

I am so incredibly happy with the Commitment, Nutritional Advice, Kindness and Support I received from Josh. Every question I had he was able to assist with easily and happily. At not point did I feel that my questions were not important. If you are looking for great support and advice for your gut health then I can highly recommend Josh, The Gut Guy.

Belinda Cabria,

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Highly recommend - After meeting Joshua he sat me down and just listened. I felt really comfortable around him. I mentioned that i has been suffering from chronic bloating and skin issues and after identifying that i was missing a key bacterium called akkermansia, after meeting with his partnered specialist and getting the medical help i needed, my skin issues and bloating have never been better

Latasha Harry,

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I’ve been working with Josh over the last 6wks with amazing results. Josh has helped me understand so many things about my gut’s function and how my dietary choices and lifestyle habits influence it. I’m a keen runner looking to progress from short to longer run, but carrying excess weight was really holding me back from achieving my goals. With Josh’s help I lost 14kgs in the first 4 weeks. Amazing and overachieving in my running goals. I’m so impressed with his program. He’s definitely someone you need to talk to when thinking all things gut

Christian Varney,

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Discover Digestive Wellness

Battling health issues? The Gut Guy specialises in personalised gut health treatments. Let's delve into the possibility that poor gut health might be at the core of your health concerns. We work with clients that have been diagnosed with anxiety, autism, bloating, Crohn's, depression, diarrhoea, endometriosis, heart disease, IBS, obesity, psoriasis, rosacea, and sleep disturbances. Together, we'll work towards a healthier you. 

Affordable Gut Health Guidance

We provide cost-effective support consultations, next-generation gut health solutions and comprehensive testing. Your initial consultation is completely FREE and comes with a personalised gut health transformation plan. Begin your journey to a healthier gut without straining your budget. 

Schedule Your Free Gut Health Plan Delivered via Online Consultation

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